Document and Video Libraries

Save Thousands of Dollars and Months of Effort

A library of resources developed for real clients, through real projects, amounting to millions of dollars of investment.

  • Entire ISO27001 ISMS, HIPAA HITECH Compliance Toolkit, PCI DSS Compliance, Incident Response Guidelines and Playbooks.
  • Support resources developed specifically for use during and after the COVID outbreak.
  • Spreadsheets to assist with risk assessments and reviews of your security standing.
  • Videos developed for educational and awareness training.

  • Awareness training strategies and presentations and more to help implement information security in your organization.
Resource Library
Vendor Risk

Vendor Risk

Know your vulnerabilities before others do

The Vendor Risk Assessment monitors your internet facing domains and those of selected vendors, for misconfiguration and vulnerabilities, and for malicious activity in those domains.

  • Gain immediate insight into potential vulnerabilities of your public facing infrastructure.
  • Gain better visibility of the external security standing of your suppliers.
  • Track the potential risk to your associated suppliers over time.

Maturity Assessment

Get Realistic and Actionable Guidance

Completing our NIST CSF-based Security Maturity Assessment will direct you to the security projects and documents that will help with your continuous improvement strategy.

  • Threat and Maturity Assessment and recommendations for prioritized focus on areas of weakness.
  • Use the documents and score to justify the budgets for your next important security projects.
  • Show your internal and external stakeholders how your security program is progressing.
Maturity Assessment
Breach Monitor

Breach Monitor

Know when your domain appears on the dark web

Ensure you know when and if your domains and related entities are referred to on the dark web with continual monitoring across various breach and ransomware sources.

  • Include your domain and your vendor’s domains in daily breach monitoring.
  • Have your breach notifications arrive by email when they occur.
  • See all public and dark web data sources for occurrences of company email addresses and the associated sites of use.

Security Forum

Your Personal Security Consultant

A few minutes now could save you hours later. Ask our experts for quick advice without having to worry about creating a project or being invoiced for a little help.

  • Your security questions answered quickly, concisely and accurately.
  • The Security Forum is included in your subscription.
  • A private Security Forum is included in Core & Enterprise subscriptions.
Security Forum

Subscription Pricing

Security Colony is the CISO’s best friend, an arsenal of potent, actionable, best practice knowledge at your finger tips starting at less than $10 a day, and a simple no-fuss pricing model.

Free Startup Core Enterprise
(charged annually, plus tax)
$0 $150 / month $450 / month $1,750 / month
Users single user single user five users ten users
Resource Library 60+ free resources 180+ resources 300+ resources 360+ resources
Video Library 18 free educational videos + premium educational videos + premium educational videos + premium educational videos
Vendor Risk A single assessment for your email domain Assessment of your email domain, continually re-evaluated
(more available with in app purchase)
+ 10 vendor slots
(more available with in app purchase)
+ 100 vendor slots
(more available with in app purchase)
Maturity Assessment A single assessment (high level reporting) Get 4 assessments per year Get 12 assessments per year Unlimited assessments
Breach Monitor - Full Monitoring Full Monitoring Full Monitoring (curated)
Security Forums Public Public Public & Private Forums Public & Private Forums
Included Consulting - - 2 document reviews annually 12 document reviews annually